Foot Mask Instructions for the Softease Foot Peel

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Foot Mask Instructions

Frequency of Use:

You may use the Softease Foot Mask once a month.

Foot Mask Instructions:

  1. Clean and dry the feet. Takeout the foot peeling mask and cut it along the dotted line as indicated.
  2. Put your foot into the foot mask and seal the opening by the red sticker.
  3. Wear the mask for 60 minutes to make the essence of the liquid to be absorbed into the skin.
  4. Remove the mask and wash feet gently with soap.
  5. Dead skin will start peeling between 3-7 days after initial application. For better peeling performance, please keep feet in warm water for 10 minutes each day.
  6. Allow deal skin to peel off naturally. Do not forcibly remove dead skin and it may cause damage to the skin. The effect vs from individual to individual due to different skin condition.
  7. For hard and thick callus, please use the second pair of foot week later after first application.
  8. After about 2 weeks when the peeling process is completed, hydrate your feet with lotion every day after a bath or a shower.
  9. Finally, your feet will become soft and smooth, just like baby feet.

You may use the Softease Foot Mask once a month.

Foot Mask Instructions – Caution:

  • For external use only
  • Do not apply to wounds or damaged skin
  • If skin irritation, stop use
  • Keep out of reach for children

Active Ingredients:

Water, Alcohol, Glycerol, Lactic Acid, Malic Acid, Sorbitol, Butylene

Glycol, Papain, Aloe Vera Extract, Citric Acid, Salicylic Acid.