Softease Foot Peel Mask 3 Pairs – Natural Foot Peeling Mask with Antioxidant

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About the Softease Foot Peel Mask with 3 Pairs

UNCOVER SILKY-SMOOTH FEET – Gently remove stubborn calluses and dead heel and toe skin, and unveil the baby-soft feet that are hiding underneath.

PENETRATES DEEP – Our exfoliating foot peel mask penetrates deep and intensely softens skin to revive dry, cracking feet like magic!

MIRACULOUS RESULTS IN JUST 7 to 14 DAYS  – After just a week of using our quick peeling foot mask, you’ll notice dramatic results as it sculpts and exfoliates your feet.

REMOVE THICK CALLUSES AND ROUGH DEAD FLAKES -Watch as thick, hard calluses and rough, dead flakes soften like butter and magically peel away!

GENTLE AND NOURISHING – Forget foot peeling masks that contain harmful, irritating chemicals.  The Softease foot peel mask is perfect for sensitive piggies!

NATURAL ANTIOXIDANT-RICH INGREDIENTS -Contains concentrated amounts of natural, antioxidant-rich ingredients. 

FUSS-FREE PACKAGING – Get satin-soft baby feet with our foot peel 2-pack that’s super easy to use. 

EASY TO USE – Just cut a hole in the foot peel booties, cover your feet and leave on for 60 minutes.

FITS FEET BIG AND SMALL  – Fits up to size 16 feet for both women and men!

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foot peel mask
Foot Peel Mask